Material Update for Wind Deflectors

Bastian de Byl - September 14, 2023

We have noticed a significant decrease in our Grade A Wind Deflector yield, from roughly 70% dropped down to 20%. This has significantly impacted our ability to fulfill Grade A orders and stock in similar times to previous orders.

What This Means for Customers

This drop in yield means that customers may experience longer than normal backorder fulfillment time for Grade A orders. This also means that establishing Grade A stock has also been significantly impacted.

What We are Doing

In an effort to correct and improve our Grade A yield, we have contacted our material supplier and are working with them to find a solution and identify a potential poor material batch supplied. Additionally, we are looking into other material vendors to partner with in attempts to better our yield for faster turnaround time for customers.

We are also working hard in exploring alternatives to Nylon 6-Carbon Fiber (PA6-CF) due to it’s uniquely hygroscopic nature and active high-temperature drying requirements as part of production. The options for future Wind Deflectors may be:

  • Polycarbonate-Carbon Fiber (PC-CF)
  • Nylon 12-Carbon Fiber (PA12-CF)

In the next coming days prototypes will be made using these materials and tested in-house for appearance, strength, and rigidity to ensure any changes made will be equal to or offer an improvement to the existing Wind Deflector prior to selling any products made with different material.

Note to Customers

We would like to sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. However, should customers with active backorders choose to cancel and refund the order they are free to do so at any time by contacting us via or via our Contact Page.

For any or all questions regarding current or future orders, questions, feedback, or comments we invite anyone (past, present, or potential customers) to contact us via the methods above as well.